10 Aug 2022

Carter County Bank purchased 80 additional banners in Downtown Elizabethton as a gift partnership with Main Street Elizabethton. The new designs add to the banners Carter County Bank sponsored last Fall, totaling 160 rotating banner designs to beautify downtown. Banners can be seen along Elk Avenue, E Street, Sycamore Street, and Armed Forces Drive in the downtown district.

“We thank Carter County Bank for their partnership and commitment to downtown Elizabethton. Thanks to their generous donation, we have rotating banner designs that speak to the strengths of our community. We are thankful for their continued support to beautify and grow our downtown.” states Main Street Director Courtney Bean.

“We were happy to design and purchase new banners for downtown. We have been blessed to serve Carter County and downtown since 1939. These banners are another example of our continued commitment to our wonderful home” said President of Carter County Bank, Andrew McKeehan.

The new banners feature two designs. The first design features downtown’s well-known clock and unique architecture to showcase our community’s emphasis on historic preservation. The second design features trout caught on the Doe River to showcase Carter County’s trophy waters and outdoor sporting opportunities. 

Carter County Bank and Main Street Elizabethton would like to thank the City of Elizabethton Streets and Sanitation Department for installing the new designs throughout the district and helping make our downtown stay beautiful year-round.

Main Street Elizabethton’s mission is to look toward the future to preserve our culture and heritage while striving to revitalize the hub and heart of our downtown.

For more information, contact Main Street Director Courtney Bean at (423) 213-0090 or