St. Thomas Episcopal Church

St. Thomas is a “Jubilee Parish” of the Episcopal Church. We serve the poor and needy, those alone, children, and families at risk. A home of Elizabethton and Carter County’s Latino/a Partnership, St. Thomas is the first Spanish-speaking congregation in Elizabethton and Carter County and the only bi-lingual parish in the Episcopal Diocese of East Tennessee. Flagship, partnership ministries at St. Thomas include:

“ARM” – Assistance & Relief Ministries – foods, clothing, furniture since the 1990s;

“Carter County PROUD” – Parishioners founded and lead a county-wide effort to clean up our roadways, waterways, lands and mountains. We hope to re-establish a “Carter County Beautiful” for the education and betterment of one of the most beautiful areas of America;

“CCDP” – Carter County Drug Prevention – We are active supporters and leaders for our Community’s efforts to educate and address the realities of addiction in one of the nation’s hardest-hit regions of opioid abuse;

“Food for the Multitude” – good meals for hungry people Saturday mornings since 1985;

“Latino/a Partnership” – to welcome Latino/a peoples to Elizabethton and Carter County, Tennessee bringing together Community and new peoples for a better home for all; and,

“St. Thomas Food Pantry” – emergency food, critical human need, and referral assistance. St. Thomas is next to Carter County Courthouse, County Jail, and two senior residences. We open our doors to an average of a dozen persons weekly. St. Thomas’ Food Pantry serves those who are homeless living outside on hills and on mountains; persons just released from jail; hungry, lonely folk from next door; and, grandmothers and great-grandmothers lining up at Court to receive the children of their children facing incarceration for drug abuse.