Families Free: First Judicial District Felony Recovery Court

Families Free is a 501(c)3 organization designed to build better communities through the transformation of vulnerable families, especially those affected by incarceration. Families Free provides evidence-based services combined with the faith-based principles of compassion, healing, and restoration to promote positive lifestyle changes within our communities’ most at-risk and overlooked populations.

Some of our programs are funded by the Tennessee Dept of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, Tennessee Dept of Health, and private donations. We are always seeking financial partners to help us serve our community and aid in our pursuit to ensure that love continues to restore Northeast Tennessee.
Families Free holds the contract for the First Judicial District Felony Recovery Court, which serves both males and females who are at high risk for recidivism and have a high need. Individuals are clinically assessed for recidivism potential, substances use disorder, mental health disorder, environmental concerns, and familial relationships for acceptance into the program.

Families Free provides evidenced-based holistic treatment for individuals involved with the criminal justice system rooted in substance use; this includes intensive outpatient services, gender-specific trauma groups for males/females, outpatient groups/individuals, yoga, parenting education, and family therapy. Clients are provided access to psychiatric evaluations including medication support and training.

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