B&C Music

At B&C Music we believe that music should be available to everyone no matter their financial needs or background. Located in downtown Elizabethton, Tennessee, we offer woodwind and beginner brass music lessons. Our goal is to make music widely available to anyone in our community who wishes to learn. We believe that music brings out the “simple gifts” that life has to offer.

Founded in 2021, B&C Music was created to be a resource for the community. The name B&C has a personal connection to our founder, Hayley Jarnagin. The B stands for Brittney Eggers who was a fellow clarinet player, close friend and mentor to Hayley. Sadly, Brittney was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and passed away in 2015. The C stands for Charlotte Pruitt, Hayley’s grandmother who was a local gospel singer and songwriter. Unfortunately, Charlotte was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and passed away in 2012. Both Brittney and Charlotte were highly inspirational women to our founder and she hopes to pay tribute to them through this business.

At B&C Music we believe that music is for everyone, therefore we strive to reach out to any community members wanting to learn. Our goal is to create an environment where students feel like they are accepted and heard. We place our student’s needs as a top priority and allow them to pick their own pace for completely personalized lessons. Our hope is to make the world a better place through music.

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