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Baker Foster Potter, PC boasts an extensive history of providing legal services to 54 counties in Tennessee, showcasing its deep-rooted commitment to the region. They began their journey of representing clients in Greeneville, TN, then expanded to Knoxville and Nashville, TN. Baker, Foster, and Potter are all natives of Carter County and are excited to have Firm representation in the community that made them.

From child custody and divorce to adoption and prenuptial agreements, BFP Law Firm will assist you in navigating these sensitive family matters. They are determined to protect your legal rights, ensure your family’s best interests, and achieve the most favorable result for you and your loved ones.
When it comes to navigating the criminal defense system, BFP Law Firm criminal defense attorneys strive to defend your legal rights with persistence and commitment to your goals. They understand the complexity of criminal law and have represented clients facing various charges ranging from severe felonies to misdemeanors. Their primary objective is to provide you with a strong defense strategy while protecting your rights at every stage of the legal process. When you work with BFP Law Firm, you work with a criminal defense team committed to advocating for your rights.
BFP Law Firm has served clients in 54 counties across the state of Tennessee and their priority is achieving their clients goals and maintaining their well-being throughout the legal procedure. They acknowledge the stress and uncertainty that legal issues can bring, so they aim to provide personalized and compassionate support. BFP Law Firm attorneys are dedicated to open communication, keeping you informed at every step about the progress of your case and addressing any questions or related concerns as they arise
Whether you require professional counsel in a criminal defense case or a family law matter, BFP Law Firm provides extensive and comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your needs. They take the time to listen to your perspective and concerns, understand your unique situation, and develop a personalized legal strategy to achieve the best possible results for your case. Their attorneys carefully explore all available legal options and provide you with legal advice suited to your individual situation.  If you’re dealing with a family law or criminal defense matter, trust BFP Law Firm to advocate for you.

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